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Dental and Medical Clinic

Figueira da Foz

Essential Aesthetics

A new concept

DentalDerme Essential Aesthetics is a clinic that joins the most recent technology with a strong communication with patients to offer an outstanding service. The concept was born out of the union of Dentistry with Dermatology, offering a holistic service matched by leading edge technology. At DentalDerme, we gather both clinical areas in the same space and offer the best human and physical conditions in order to provide our patients with all the benefits as well as all the functional and aesthetic results of Dental and Dermatological care.

With all the sub-fields from both clinical areas working in a cooperative way in the same space, we can offer full attention to our patients, guaranteeing diagnoses that are safe in a comforting and swift manner for all kinds of treatment plans.

Clinical Director: Dr. Luis Tovim


Sala de Espera DentalDerme

A service defined by excellence

Clinical Areas

Dentistry and Dermatology that rely on the latest scientific evidence, enforced by a strong communication-based relationship with patients.


The clinic, under Dr. Luis Tovim's vision, was especially designed to become a reference point of modern high-quality dentistry.


Drª Paula Quirino has been a Dermatologist for 28 years, having specialised in the treatment and diagnosis of skin disease, nails and hair, in patients of all ages.

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